Big Fan of Christ Series!

One of the things i like to shoot is emotion, and messages of motive. I was given a challenge by a talented canadian photographer called Spencer Warren. Spencer is still developing his skills and he is coming along way from where he started. (but this blog is about me – lol) Anyway, the challenge was […]

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Itchy Shooting Finger!

It’s been too long since I got out into nature and spent a few F-Stops around the beauty that Australia holds. I am planing a trip down the coast from Queensland to NSW and plan on stopping along the way fora few early morning sunrises along rocky beaches and jettys. I wish i had the […]

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Some great shoots Coming up

Im very excited about some awesome opportunities that I have experienced recently with clients.. I can’t wait to see their product catalogue I shot for them which included model work and some BMX action shots…This exciting clothing label ( is an up and coming brand that will soon be well know to all in extreme […]

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