About Jaydon Cabe Photography

Jaydon developed an interest in Photography while playing with a friends Digital SLR camera. He didn’t want to give it back… So he bought it off them…and since then has never looked back.

While most people shoot the same thing day in and day out, Jaydon is determined to shoot a wide variety of subjects, from things the size of an ant with his macro lens, to things as big as a skyscraper… Action Sports shots to model portfolio’s and from cityscapes to waterscapes.. There’s no limit to what Jaydon will try to shoot.

“When I see something that’s really cool to shoot, I jump out and say….Hey can I please take a photo of that?…. Unless of course no one is there to ask and I just take a photo of it anyway… Most people are pretty good and excited that someone is taking a photo of their car, their dog or what ever it might be….. I’ve only had one person say “NO”

Jaydon is available to shoot sporting events, Model Portfolio’, commercial photography, website galleries, stock images, social event and just about anything you need him to shoot.

He doesn’t photograph weddings.

Weddings are probably the most boring photo’s I could ever think taking and personally are best left to the professionals…lol

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