NEED YOUR HELP with hearts..
by voting for this koala…
as well as some other photos.


Hey awesome people who follow me. i have entered some photos in a competition, 5 categories, one of them is people choice,
and its one of this popularity and not skills photo comps, (the rest are all judged professionally) and was wondering if i get get
some votes please? (how cheeky)

Its easy and will only take a second.

1: CLICK on this link

2: Click on LEADER BOARD

3: Click the HEART of top 5 images,


PS: Don’t vote on fire one. LOL that’s someone else

if you like continue down the page a few times and i have more under the name jaydon cabe or j.cabe
I would not normally do this, but the runner up so far is indirectly threatening me on her page with her friends and vice versa, so i figure if I’m gonna get threatened, i might as well make it a BIG lead. LOL so your help would be awesome, and the help from your friends….

Also need votes on these please 

ImageImageImageImageImageImageScreen Shot 2014-04-21 at 3.16.46 pm




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