Slowly getting back into my Creative Side!

Hi y’all as Ellen DeGeneres would say.
I haven’t had an opportunity to get out into nature this week and take some long exposure shots, or macros, (and it’s killing me), there’s something about me and my camera and nature that makes me wanna live.

I missed an AWESOME sunrise this morning, i was kicking myself, if only i was at the beach and doing some shots over the rocks and ocean, you know, those misty water ones… I plan to be getting out next weekend for sunrise so stay tuned form some shots.  (What’s the bet there will be either no clouds or too many – you need some for a good sunrise)

Anyways, i did manages to get some  creative shots of some of the guys from my church.

  • Nathanael is an awesome guitarist and not a bad singer, but he can’t style hair. LOL His hair is awesome in any photo.

Nathaniel Holliday creative head

  • Aiden is a great drummer, and frankly i dont know how they can drum, i mean im flat out trying to rub my belly and pat my head.

Aiden at the drums

Drumming toward the light

Drummer the dumber. LOL

  • This is a random drummer i shot at Phil Barlow’s gig in Brisbane I just stuck the camera in his face and said play something. LOL


  • And finally, here’s couple of shots i did with a vampire theme, I want to do more of these, Super creative Story line shots.. HOpe you enjoy!

Levi the Vampire

Matt Hooker the Vampire

Keep shooting, No matter what it is, get those photos out there.

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