Itchy Shooting Finger!

It’s been too long since I got out into nature and spent a few F-Stops around the beauty that Australia holds. I am planing a trip down the coast from Queensland to NSW and plan on stopping along the way fora few early morning sunrises along rocky beaches and jettys.

I wish i had the resources to travel the Kimberly’s and spend a month there snapping away, maybe one day soon.

My website is a couple of months out of date but i am planing on updating that within a few days. Bookmark please. and feel free to ‘LIKE’ my facebook page as well.  or lick on the links to the right of this blog

A few earlier shots from my site below. Hope you enjoy and get out and take photos, don’t matter if it’s with your phone, a point and shoot,  or a DSLR just get out there and enjoy the experience.

Mt Tamborine Curtis Falls
Mt Tamborine Curtis Falls


I shot this in Mt Tamborine, A long exposure of one the waterfalls there.  I love this place, it’s a great place to lose yourself.  The smell is awesome, fresh and cool, the sound is hypnotising, and when you leave from this place, you feel fresher, have more energy and are are happier. 🙂 Buy this from my NATURE gallery.


This is another from down stream a little, you have to walk off the track to get there. It truly is a magical place.
Buy this from my NATURE gallery.

Manly Brisbane
This is a long exposure from the jetty in Manly. Was already a pretty stil night, so that helped with focus 🙂

Isle of Pines - Natural Aquarium
his is a snap shot really, i had no time to make this any better, i was with a tour group and they were all calling me back to leave. 🙂 the things we do.  Photographers can piss off a lot of people. lol

 took this about 2 years ago, it’s one of my favourites. Long exposure at D-Bar beach on the NSW/QLD border.  It’s worth getting up at 3AM, driving for an hour and snapping the sunrise.

amazing man

This is a bit of Street photography. This guy was amazing, i spied him taking some fishing line of a pigion’s leg, then, he said watch this, he spoke to the bird, and layed it on it’s back, it stayed there, until he said 5 minutes later, AWAY… and it flew away, It was hypnotised and layed on it’s back, behind him for 5 mins while this man spoke to me. It was the most amazing thing i have ever seen, I would LOVE to run into this guy again.

Bow of the Spirit

I took this on the bow of a carnival cruise ship, long exposure, for the record, I WOULD NEVER NEVER NEVER recommend a Carnival Cruse line holiday. very average, infact poor, the ship was broken in places, lift buttons, toilets blocking, the food was tasteless for most part, and the shows where like the people were just walking though them at half arsed energy. BUT i got some great shots.

Anyway, keep snapping.  Would love to hear from you, and follow you if you leave your comments below.

Jaydon Cabe.

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