Going Nananas

Well things have been going well and somewhat busy at the moment. Haven’t been able to do as much photography as I would like, but have been investing time in processing idea’s for a new book which will feature the emothion “LOVE” .. I recently have been doing some videography as well, and shot and […]

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Some great shoots Coming up

Im very excited about some awesome opportunities that I have experienced recently with clients.. I can’t wait to see their product catalogue I shot for them which included model work and some BMX action shots…This exciting clothing label (www.chozen.com.au) is an up and coming brand that will soon be well know to all in extreme […]

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It’s time I stepped my photography up to the NEXT level. While I am happy with the quality of my work, as are my clients, I look around at other awesome photographers and instantly know I need to bring my work to the next level. while this may not mean my work it’s self, it’s […]

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